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How do I register a new PhD candidate?

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Step 1: Email

When there is a new registration, Hora  Finita will send the following email informing you of the new prospective PhD candidate:

This email will contain the PhD candidate's Faculty and department.

You can view the registration by clicking on the link contained within the email.

Step 2: Add additional information

Mandatory information will be indicated by a '*'.

  1. Through provisioning the given name of the PhD candidate should already be filled in. If it is not filled in, you can use the search field to find the correct candidate.
  2. At least one email address and a faculty need to be filled in before you can request additional information. This information should be filled in through the provisioning process.
  1. The "contract start date" and "start date phd project" should already be provisioned. The PhD should fill in the "planned finishing date phd project". When you manually fill in or modify the PhD candidate's contract starting date the contract end date will automatically be set to 4 years after the starting date. If this is not correct it needs to be altered.
  2. You can select the contract type using the drop down menu. If the VSNU-type of the PhD is 1a - Employeed Candidate, this information should already be provisioned. If the PhD has another VSNU-type, the Faculty promotion coordinator must fill in the contract type. If the contract type is not yet known, select 9. To be determined.

The PhD candidate must fill in the left-hand side of the form. Once additional information has been requested and the candidate has filled in their personal details, you can review the information to ensure that all the required information is correct. If necessary you can add or alter it yourself or request additional information a second time.

PhD supervisors, co-supervisors and daily supervisors should be filled in by the PhD candidate. 

PhD supervisors and co-supervisors can be added in the corresponding table. Supervisors known in the sytem can be added by searching for their name using the 'person' search field, then selecting the supervisor and hitting the enter key.

You can manually input supervisors that are not known in the system by checking the 'enter manually' box and then inputting their personal details.

In the event that the PhD has a daily supervisor, or mentor that is not a co-supervisor, they can add a daily supervisor in the 'Daily supervisor' table.

Step 3: Request additional information

There are two save buttons:

  1. Save and return to the previous page.
  2. Save and stay on the current page.

Please save before requesting additional information.

Click on the 'request additional information' button.

You will then be taken to a page containing an automatically generated email intended for the PhD candidate with a link to the registration form. If you wish you can edit the content of this email.  

Click on the 'Send' button to send the email to the PhD candidate.

You will receive the following message at the top of the page informing you that the email has been sent.

Step 4: Check PhD candidate's registration information

Once the PhD candidate has filled in the required additional information and submitted his registration, you will receive an email with the following link:

Click on the link 'Check registration' to go to the registration form.

Step 5: Mail approval requests

After you have checked if the PhD candidate has correctly filled in their registration information and the form is in order, you can start the approval process. Each person involved in the approval process will sequentially be sent an email with a link to the registration form where they can choose to approve or reject the candidates registration application.

You can view the assessments in the 'Agreed' section table.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Mail agreement request' button to start the approval process.

You can also individually email those involved in the approval process using the email icon in the 'Agreed' table. This can be used in the event that one of the participants has rejected the application and must review the application again after it has been improved.

In the event that some of the required information is still missing you can click on the 'Request additional information' button. The PhD candidate will receive an email asking them to review their application and fill in any additionally required information.

Please click on the right 'Save' button before mailing agreement request.

Step 6: Completion:

Option 1: Approval

If all those involved in the approval process have accepted the PhD Candidate's registration application you will receive the following email informing you of their assessment.

The PhD candidate has now been registered and can be found in the PhD projects overview.

Option 2: Rejection

If one of the people involved in the approval process has rejected the PhD candidate's registration application, you will receive the following email informing you of their assessment. This email will contain any reason(s) given for the rejection along with a link to the registration page.

Click on the 'Open registration' link.

You can either amend any issues with the registration form yourself or request additional information from the PhD candidate.

Before you can re-email an approval request you must change the assessment in the 'Agreed' table from rejected to blank.

Extra information

You can input information about funding in the following section:

You can view the status of the registration by clicking on the 'Status history' button.

Or by clicking on the 'PhD projects' tab followed by the 'PhD project registration' tab. This will take you to an overview of all your current PhD registrations and their statuses.

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