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How can I upload a new version of my TSP?

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Step 1: resetting the old TSP

This manual describes the process of uploading a new TSP version. If you plan to upload the first version of your TSP, use the manual What is a TSP?

NOTE: a new TSP version requires a new round of approvals. Normally, the TSP is assessed by the PhD supervisor, (co-supervisors) and Graduate School Coordinator. Before uploading the new TSP version, the approvals will be reset. You can find the previous assessments on your Hora Finita dashboard: 'My PhD' -> 'Documents' -> 'TSP akkoord backup'.

1. Navigate to your TSP tab
2. Click on 'change TSP'

Hora Finita shows a warning because the approvals will be reset. 

  • Click OK. 

Step 2: upload the new TSP

  • Upload the new TSP using the 'browse' button.
  • Click on the 'submit TSP for review' button to start the approval process.

NOTE: if you click the 'save' button, the document will only be saved. The approval process will not be started.

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