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What does the promotion process look like in Hora Finita?

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The promotion phase in Hora Finita follows a sequence of steps after the PhD candidate has submitted the manuscript to the PhD supervisor for review.

  1. The PhD supervisor judges if the manuscript is ready for assessment by the Manuscript Committee.
  2. On request the PhD supervisor proposes members for the Manuscript Committee.
  3. The proposed composition goes through an approval process.
  4. Once appointed the Manuscript Committee members assess the thesis and also consider if is it worthy to be considered for 'cum laude'.
  5. Should it be considered 'cum laude' worthy a separate process will be started where a committee of referees is suggested, approved/rejected. This committee then advise whether or not the thesis should be given the predicate of 'cum laude'.
  6. If the thesis is found cum laude worthy by a majority of the manuscript committee, a separate process begins in which a committee of referees is asked for an opinion on whether the thesis deserves the predicate cum laude.
  7. Once the manuscript is approved by the Manuscript Committee the Office of the Registrar's Office will plan a date for the PhD Defence Ceremony.
  8. Following this the PhD candidate will be asked to submit a title page. Upon submitting their title page the Registrar's Office will review it.
  9. The PhD supervisor will then be asked to propose members for the Doctoral Examination Board.

PhD Checklist

All relevant steps in the promotion process are listed in the PhD Checklist overview on your dashboard in Hora Finita. This overview contains:

  1. A description of the steps you are required to perform along with links to the corresponding page in Hora Finita.
  2. The party who is responsible for performing the step.
  3. The date on which the step was performed; this is filled in automatically.
  4. A check indicating whether the step has been completed or not. A green check indicates that a step has been completed.
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