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What does a questionnaire look like in Hora Finita?

General information:

Some Graduate Schools use questionnaires for the monitoring and evaluation of the progress of a PhD project. Questionnaires are usually sent attached to a checkpoint. Depending on the working practices of the Faculty/Graduate School, questionnaires can in some cases be sent separately.  

When a checkpoint deadline is coming up a you will receive a reminder email a month in advance. This email will inform you of any questionnaires accompanying the checkpoint that that must be  completed.

Annual review

There are several different standard questionnaire types already in Hora Finita. Faculties/Graduate Schools may add or alter questionnaires depending on their needs and preferences.

The use/frequency/content of questionnaires depends on the Faculty/Graduate School at which you are enrolled.

What are confidential questionnaires?

Some questionnaires such as the 'Supervision Evaluation Questionnaire' are marked as confidential. This means that only the intended respondent can fill in the questionnaire and only the Graduate School coordinator may view the response.

If a questionnaire is not marked as confidential the responses can be viewed by both the PhD candidate and the supervisor.


Where can I find my questionnaires?

Option 1: Questionnaires list

Log in to Hora Finita and navigate to your questionnaires tab.

  1. Click on the 'Research phase' tab.
  2. Click on on the 'Questionnaires' tab to go to an overview page.

Clicking on a specific questionnaire will take you directly to it's page.

Option 2: Via the checkpoint

Step 1:

Navigate to the checkpoint to which the questionnaire belongs.

Click on a specific questionnaire to go to the page.

How do I complete the questionnaire?

After you have filled in your questionnaire, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press 'Save' to save and finish the questionnaire.

Mandatory questions are indicated by a *.