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How do I give a final assessment of the manuscript?

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Step 1: Navigate to the assessment page

Once the Manuscript Committee members have submitted their assessments of the PhD candidate's manuscript, you will receive an email asking you to provide a final assessment. The email contains the assessment of the Manuscript Committee. Click on the link to go to the assessment page.

This will take you to the thesis assessment page.

Step 2: Assess and submit

You can download the PDF of the manuscript by clicking on the 'Download' button.

You can find the assessments of the chairperson and the committee members in the 'Advice' section.

In the section 'Assessments' you will find any assessment motivation given by the Manuscript  Committee. If relevant it will also be indicated whether the manuscript is being considered for the cum laude predicate.

Once you are ready you can give your assessment by clicking on the 'assessment' drop down menu. You can select either 'Approved' the assessment or  'Not approved'. Once you have made a choice click on the 'Submit' button.

If enough of the members of the Manuscript Committee have proposed 'Cum Laude' you van tick the 'cum laude predicate proposal' and give a brief motivation in the text field below.

Once you have submitted your assessment you will receive the following message:

In the case that you approved the assessment then the PhD candidate, the PhD supervisor and co-supervisors, the Faculty Promotion Coordinator and the Office of the Registrar will all receive an email informing them of that the manuscript has been approved.

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