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How do I approve the proposed Doctoral Examination Board?

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Step 1:

Once date, time and location were set for the PhD defence ceremony, the supervisor received an email with the request to submit a proposal for the members of the Doctoral Examination Board. You are now requested to approver the composition of this board by email. The email will contain a link directly to the committee proposal page.

The message can be found in your email inbox or on the Hora Finita dashboard under most recent messages.

Click on the link contained in the email to go directly to the committee proposal page.

If you are not yet logged in to Hora Finita, you will be asked to do so with SURFconext.

Step 2: Add committee members

Option 1: Copy from

You can use the "Copy from" function to copy the members of the Manuscript Committee, PhD supervisor and co-supervisor. 

Click on the drop down menu 'Copy from:' and select the appropriate option. You will have to manually add any additional members.

Option 2: Internal person

If the committee member you wish to add is known in Hora Finita then you can search for them using the 'person' search field. Once you have found the appropriate person, click on them to add them, their information will be automatically filled in.  

Option 3: External person

If the committee member you wish to add is not known in Hora Finita you must manually fill in their information in the various fields of the table.

Add a chairperson

Once you have found and added all the committee members you must propose a chairperson. Use the 'chair' search bar to find the appropriate person, then click on them to add them.

If you request approval before adding a chairperson you will receive the following message:

Step 3: Request approval

Once you have added all the members to the committee and a chairperson you can click on the 'Request approval for composition' button to submit your proposal for approval.

After this you will see the following pop-up:

If you click the 'OK' button, an approval process will be started. Following this an email will be sent to the people listed in the pop-up to approve the proposed Doctoral Thesis Committee. The people involved in this approval process may vary depending on the Faculty/Graduate school.

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