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How do I approve the proposed Cum Laude Committee?

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Approving the proposed composition of the Cum Laude Committee

After the Faculty PhD coordinator has started the cum laude procedure you will receive an email as dean asking that you review the proposed Cum Laude Committee members.

Click on the link in the email.

If you are not yet logged in you will be asked to do so via SURFconext. A verification screen will be opened. Click on the 'Proceed to login page'.

You check the composition, if you want to approve the composition, select 'approved' in the drop-down menu at the field 'agree proposal referees'.

When the assessment has been filled in, you can click on 'submit'.

A notification email will be sent to:

  • The PhD supervisor
  • The Office of the Registrar
  • The Faculty PhD Coordinator
  • The Cum Laude Committee members
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