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How do I review a TSP?

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Once your PhD candidate has submitted his TSP for review, the approval process will be started.
You will receive a reminder email asking to asses your PhD candidate's TSP.

Click on the link contained in the email to go directly to the TSP.

In the case that you are not yet signed in to Hora Finita you will be asked to do so. 

Approving or rejecting the TSP

To view the TSP, you can use the "download" button.

Once you have reviewed the TSP, you can choose your assessment. You can choose to either approve or reject your PhD candidate's TSP. 

If you wish, you can add feedback in the comments section.

If you are ready to submit your assessment, click on the 'Submit' button.

Once you have clicked 'Submit' an email will be sent to your PhD candidate containing the assessment of their TSP and any feedback you have given.

If you have rejected your PhD candidates TSP or the candidate wishes to make changes to his TSP, they can resubmit it for review again. This will restart the TSP approval process and you will again be notified via an email.

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