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How do I propose members for the Doctoral Examination Board?

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Step 1: Navigate to assessment page

Once the Registrar has submitted a date and time for the PhD defence ceremony, you will receive an email asking you to submit a proposal for the Doctoral Examination Board.

On your dashboard you will also find a new task 'Proposal Doctoral Examination Board for X'.

Click on the task 'Proposal Doctoral Examination Board'.  

Step 2: Propose the members

Use the 'Add member to proposal' button to add a member to the proposal.

Search for the committee member's surname (without prefix).

Do not enter the chairperson: this will be done by your Faculty PhD coordinator.

Option 1: To add a person already known in Hora Finita

When the person is known in Hora Finita, you can select that person and click 'Next step'.

The person's details are displayed, after which the person, including any substantiation, can be added by clicking 'Add'.

If you want to remove a person from the table, press the red circle with a minus sign in it. It can be found in the rightmost row of the table. You then need to click 'Delete' to permanently remove the person from the proposal.

Option 2: A new person in Hora Finita

If the person is not known in Hora Finita, clicking 'Next step' allows you to enter the person manually.

Enter at least the details with an * and click 'Next step' to continue the process.

Step 3: Submit your proposal

When you have added all the members to your proposal you can submit it by clicking on the 'Request approval for composition' button.

After this you will see the following pop-up:

Clicking the 'OK' button will start an approval process. After this, an e-mail will be sent to the persons listed in the pop-up to approve the proposed manuscript committee. The persons involved in this approval process may differ from one faculty/Graduate School to another.

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